Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Do we really need a dog?!

At our Father's Day dinner for my Grandpa this past week, my aunt & uncle brought their new puppy. Zachary just fell in love with it. I will admit that it was really cute but I am pretty sure that is only because it is little and I wouldn't feel the same way once it was grown. My beloved husband thinks that a puppy would be a great idea, I on the other hand am not sold. No matter how much help I am promised by boys and husband, it will be I that will be doing the training, feeding, cleaning, house breaking, etc. I am pretty sure that Ian has forgotten how many hours he works and that he won't really be able to help. So the dog debate goes on but here is a really cute picture of Zach with the puppy.

Almost cute enough to make me give in on getting a dog. Almost!!

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